Essential Patient Management Software for Today’s Hospital

EonDirect lets you harness advanced patient identification, tracking and data analytics technology for any disease that requires mission-critical patient management.

Powered by EonEndu, the deep-learning engine that positively predicts patients at-risk for future disease, EonDirect allows hospitals to coordinate care and prevent patient leakage.

EonDirect Lung

70% of Essential Pulmonary Nodules are not followed according to clinical guidelines. EonDirect Lung can track 100% of them.

EonDirect AAA

200,000 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms are diagnosed every year. EonDirect AAA can track 100% of them.

EonDirect is the first cloud-based Essential Patient management application to seamlessly integrate with hospital EMR and PACs. The result is an intuitive solution that effortlessly navigates patients through the intake to diagnosis process. Get ready to Defy Disease.

EonEndu is the proprietary Essential Patient identification engine powering EonDirect and is proven to identify and register ten times the number of abnormal findings versus traditional flagging systems – with zero radiologic workflow disruption.


Ensuring recommended follow-up care occurs when radiology identifies mission-critical findings is difficult for hospitals. EonDirect patient tracking is seamless for any essential diagnosis with templated, semi-custom, and custom dashboards.


90% of repetitive human behavior can and should be automated. Advanced data flow and extraction techniques save employees on average two hours per patient per year in manual data entry.


Many societies like the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the American Thoracic Society (ATS) require patient registry submission. The processes are manual and cumbersome. EonDirect automates data entry, audits record submission, and submits data directly to registries through EonDirect’s endpoint API.


EonDirect provides up to the minute reporting of key database metrics-from patient count to diagnosis count, EonDirect tracks trends and measures growth – with no setup required.


EonDirect’s communication portal makes provider and patient follow-up easier than ever. With endless custom letters that can be faxed, batched, printed or emailed, save time communicating with those that need to know most.

EonDirect 4.0 + EonEndu offer unprecedented insight into future patient opportunities. Why wait to treat late-stage patients when you can preemptively track and surveil any at-risk patient. EonDirect removes headaches and allows you to monitor and intervene when necessary.
Patients win. Hospitals win.

“We continue to have awesome success with EonDirect and I just want to say thank you for making my job so easy!!””

Siarra Stevens, MACommunity Hospital

With its high level of security, low cost, and quick turn adaptability, EonDirect is the perfect platform for any essential patient management program. EonDirect’s integrated infrastructure allows for push down standardization and roll-up reporting in any environment. With zero server, workstation or SQL requirements, EonDirect is unlike other solutions - all with no disruption to radiology workflow. From outpatient imaging centers to large institutions, EonDirect technology consistently delivers unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

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