The Essential Patient ID Engine
Our mission-critical solution for identification and risk stratification.

Introducing EonEndu, the mission-critical identification engine working tirelessly behind the scenes. Hidden in the siloed repositories of millions of medical records lies the solution to disease prevention and early diagnosis. EonEndu listens, protecting patients from the harm of not being followed.

Radiologists are excellent at identifying incidental findings. But the likelihood of an essential patient being followed appropriately goes up or down depending on acuity. Eon thinks this is wrong and so EonEndu watchfully waits in the background, until the right patient at the right time presents. Deep learning models discern true positives from false positives, segment size, location, even laterality.
EonDirect is a mission-critical solution to help Essential Patients—before it’s too late.


Automatically identify Essential Patients

EonEndu can identify and register any Essential Patient finding so your facility can continue the care continuum and stop leakage. You choose the diagnosis you want to identify and EonEndu does the work.


Not all patients are the same

Workflows and dependencies differ based on patient cohort and radiologic findings. EonEndu segments patients by diagnosis, risk and longitudinal tracking requirements.

You can’t solve today’s problems by repurposing 1990’s technology.

At Eon, we don’t use outdated commoditized technology that disrupts radiology workflow, like Computer Aided Detection (CAD) and logic lacking Natural Language Processing (NLP). Instead, we use a multi-phased approach. By leveraging modern technology like best-in-class cognitive learning, risk stratification, and non-disruptive scouting techniques, EonDirect achieves up to 98% accuracy – reducing the number of false positives while increasing patient retention.

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