Eon specializes in bringing advanced data analysis and management techniques to the medical industry, with a focus on identifying powerful applications for machine learning and artificial intelligence. We optimize provider workflows, improve patient care coordination, and impact patient outcomes.

Introducing EonEndu

The deep learning engine powering Eon’s incidental identification & data extraction models.

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EonDirect® + EonEndu Make Complex Patient Management Easier Than Ever


Increase capture of at-risk patients

EonEndu, with a 90+% positive predictive value, allows resources to spend more time on patients at-risk for future disease –with zero radiologic workflow disruption. This increase in early capture leads to massive clinical and revenue improvements.

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Remove silos and barriers of traditional registries

Registration can be difficult when your patients source from many different locations and systems. By allowing registration to span different environments, EonDirect creates increased flexibility and makes it easier than ever to increase patient volume over time.

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The first zero-entry system

At Eon we believe 90% of repetitive behavior can and should be automated. Using advanced data flow and extraction techniques, EonEndu can save care coordinators on average 2 hours in manual data entry per year. That adds up to huge resource savings for your hospital.

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Know before it's too late

With EonDirect's follow-up listener, longitudinal care has never been easier. Proprietary technology takes the guesswork out of complex patient management – so you can rest knowing every patient either showed up for (or scheduled) their next appointment.

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Track and prove ROI

EonDirect lets you measure the impact of your coordination programs through comprehensive reporting. This includes measuring up to the minute clinical and business ROI, while gaining valuable insights into a dynamic market.

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Ready to identify, track and improve outcomes for patients at-risk for future disease? Download our EonDirect Lung case study to learn how other facilities are benefitting from at-risk patient identification and longitudinal tracking.

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Here's what some of industry's leading experts have to say about Eon:

“Eon is the most technologically masterful and responsive vendor I have ever worked with.”

Ryan TuckerProject Manager, HCA

“Your software blew everything else we looked at out of the water. We just felt like we had to do our due diligence before strongly recommending Eondirect, which we did.”

Dr. Roger JohnsonSt. Vincent

“We continue to have awesome success with eondirect and I just wanted to say thank you for making my job so easy!!”

Siarra StevensMA, Community Hospital

“Eon does what they say they are going to do. It wasn't just a whole bunch of words sold to us.”

Dr. Scott SkiboHaywood Regional Medical Center

“I really appreciate what Eondirect means for our patients.”

Dr. Peter MazzoneThe Cleveland Clinic

“This is great stuff. It's what we need to help distinguish benign from malignant nodules.”

Dr. Gerard SilvestriMedical University Of South Carolina (Former Chest President)

You need Eon because you want the ability to know when you need to contact the patient next and to know what the patient needs to get healthy again.

Mark Cuban