Eon conducts regular webinars with industry veterans to transfer knowledge and share best practices of patient care coordination, navigation complexities, and workflow improvements.

Previous Webinars

Overwhelmed Post-COVID? Act Based on the Evidence

Speaker: Dr. Aki Al-Zubaidi, Interventional Pulmonologist, Founder and co-CEO of Eon, and Dr. Erika Schneider, Chief Science Officer of Eon

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Essential Patient Taskforce Webinar

Speaker: Dr. Aki Alzubaidi, Interventional Pulmonologist, National Jewish Health & co-CEO, EON, Dr Scott Skibo, MD, FCCP at Haywood Regional Medical Center, and Heather Heuer, BRST, R.T.(T), Lung Cancer Patient Navigator, UP Health System – Marquette

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Deferred Essential Patient Care During COVID-19

Speaker: Dr. Aki Alzubaidi, Interventional Pulmonologist, National Jewish Health & co-CEO, EON

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Meeting 100% CMS Compliance for Lung Cancer Screening

Speakers: Erika Schneider, PhD, Diagnostic Radiology at the Cleveland Clinic and Becky Blything, BA, CNMT Quality Coordinator, Diagnostic Radiology at the Cleveland Clinic

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Business Justification for Building a Lung Program

Speaker: Imelda Unto, RN, MSN, OCN, Chief Nursing Officer at Advent Health System

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Discussion on Technology in Healthcare

Speakers: Mark Cuban, Peter Mazzone, Gerard A. Silvestri and George A. Eapen

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Journey to (Lung) Screening Center of Excellence

Speaker: Tory Shepherd, MBA RRT CCCC, Assistant Administrator, Sovah Health, Martinsville

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Building and Implementing Lung Programs

Speaker: Chelsea Simpson, RN, BSN, OCN, Lung Nurse Navigator, Wesley Medical Center

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Building a Robust Lung Screening and Incidental Program

Speaker: Amie Shea, Oncology Screening Program Manager, The Medical Center of Aurora

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Why Healthcare Technology Companies Must Adapt

Speaker: Aki Alzubaidi, DO, FCCP, Founder & co-CEO, Eon Health

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Improving Lung Cancer Survival in the Community Setting: Nodule Management, Screening, and Program Development

Speaker: Scott Skibo, MD, Haywood Regional Medical Center

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Centralizing the LCS Shared Decision Visit and Smoking Cessation Guidance

Speaker: Debra S. Dyer, MD, FACR, Chair of Department of Radiology, National Jewish Health

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Together We Can Defy Disease

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